Summer Schedule

TriMet / Light Rail

TriMet is an ideal way to get to the park. Avoid the pay to park fees and congestion by starting your Washington Park adventure with MAX Light Rail. You can even get a discount at the Oregon Zoo when you take transit!

Use TriMet’s Trip Planner to plan your trip.

Purchase Tickets

You can purchase tickets through TriMet’s mobile app, at any MAX station, or upon entering the bus.

Note: you must have a ticket in-hand before boarding. More Info »

Taking TriMet with your Family

All TriMet vehicles are ADA and stroller accessible. Children under 7 ride free. Adults over 65 get 50% off fare.

TriMet Line 63

Trimet’s Line 63 runs from Providence Park through the park to the Washington Park MAX station.

It runs daily from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. View schedule »

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MAX Light Rail Train

TriMet’s Blue and Red MAX Light Rail lines serve the Washington Park MAX station. Trains heading east to downtown and west to the Sunset Transit Center Park and Ride arrive every nine minutes.

Fun Fact: The Washington Park MAX station is the deepest transit tunnel in the United States at 259 ft. (about 23 stories) deep.